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The Post about Delia

Delia and I were first introduced via our mutual friend Paula, while Paula went MIA Delia and I grew closer and it was thanks to her that the last few months of my year in Madrid was even bearable. Delia is the type of person that’ll hear you out and not judge you on whatever foolishness you may have gotten yourself into. She is sweet kind and thoughtful and fun to be around. If it wasn’t for the fact she has Chris and their life waiting for her in LA I would’ve tried a million times harder to convince her to stay because it has gotten to the point where I cant even imagine my life here without her. I was really in a shitty and dark place when we met and I was under the impression that any friends made in Spain were just superficial friends that weren’t meant to be lasting but she showed me that there are still real people out there that actual care about others and I am so grateful to have had the chance to build a friendship with her. I know this sounds like a sappy badly written love letter but I have never been really good at expressing my emotions and I have sometimes found myself destroying close connections for fear of them hurting me first. But she never made me feel insignificant nor not good enough nor that I should be ashamed of who am nor how I am. I really hope our friendship continues because she was the helping hand when I really needed it most and I don’t want it to just fade away and be a memory.  Delia introduced me to Lexi and Jonathan and Cesar and I look forward to building closer friendships with them next year but it will not even begin to be the same without her. Lexi and I have already become closer spending her last few days together and getting to know each other better. We both have the half formed idea of going back home and not returning because the fun part of being here is gone, but me and Lexi have each other so that should be enough incentive to come back (hopefully) If time allows while I’m home in September I’m hoping to swing by LA so the girls can reunite, for a little while at least.

This post doesn’t even scrape what I feel for this incredibly awesome women I call friend but it’s the best that I can do to express my feelings so…

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May 10th-11th

Piotr made a friend in the mountains during his Semana Santa vacation there, who told him about a go-kart track in Madrid!! So he invited me to go and he came to Madrid from Toledo on Saturday afternoon and we spent the afternoon go-karting and visiting sights around madrid I received a “battle scar” in my determination to win at least once on the track (which of course I still didn’t 😖)

Delia introduced me to her coworker Jonathan and his roommate Cesar a few months ago and this Sunday was Cesar’s birthday so we spent the day tomando el sol at the park and went back to their piso and made padthai and fun-fetti cake (when I say we I mean Jonathan did all the cooking bc he’s like the worlds best cook)
All in all it was a pretty kickass weekend in madrid!! 💙💙💙

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May 1-3
My 25th birthday fell on a long weekend (Puente) so Delia and I decided to take a trip to my favorite place in the world! I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I feel when I think of la Giralda and the cathedral and la Plaza de España for me being there is like being in paradise and I’m always sad to leave! When I’m there some of the self consciousness and self doubt just fades away and I feel ok just being me which sometimes I struggle with… But my time abroad is forcing me to face my demons and to conquer them little by little and I’m slowly realizing how much inner turmoil I’ve been living with… But each day brings new personal insights and adventures and I’m grateful for it all!!

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