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The Post About Traveling in Central Europe and Playing it Cool

So as you can probably tell from my previous posts or from meeting me in person I am a highly dramatic and at times annoyingly obnoxious person with this said it’s little wonder it’s hit or miss when it comes tome making friends. While traveling for a month alone in Central Europe I couldn’t be my normal self or risk spending the entire month wondering the streets alone. So, how did I solve this problem? I simply kept my mouth shut. It sounds so easy that it’s ridiculous I never did it before, well I haven’t because me keeping an opinion to myself is like seeing a fish living out of water, it just doesn’t happen until now. I have fine tuned and perfected the art of making polite yet interesting conversation while still holding on to the fun spontaneous aspects of my dynamic and multifaceted nature. With all that being said I still haven’t been able to hold on to this new found “coolness” when I’m drunk but I’ll work on that next. It started in Budapest, Hungary where I made friends with passing strangers partying on the streets and maintained contact with them as their travels intersected mine at different times and in different cities. I continued fine tuning my personality in Zagreb, Croatia while I recovered from the out if control parties that Budapest offered. From there I kept contact with Lety as we made our way to Split, Croatia and later to Dubrovnik, Croatia at the same time. I really toned down my childlike enthusiasm for new and unique sights while in Split and by the time we reached Dubrovnik I was as mellowed out as the proverbial cool kid with glasses slouching in the back of the class. After Dubrovnik I made my way by myself to Pula, Croatia to go camping with a friend I had met almost a year earlier through Couchsurfing in Porto, Portugal. Matej and I ended up not camping because I came down with strep throat like symptoms and could barely move.i had one day in Pula where I actually felt up to doing anything so I enjoyed the clear blue water as much as I could and soaked up some sun. After that Matej and I made our to Slovenia where we had a slight hiccup at border crossing when they initial refused to accept my traveling papers. When they finally let us through I enjoyed the breathtaking views that Slovenia has to offer of crisp green mountains and picturesque views of cottages built right into the face of the mountains. A day later Consuelo whom I met in Split joined us for a few days in Slovenia and we saw the sights of Ljubljana and Lake Bled as well as climbed to see the waterfalls near Lake Bohinj. Matej put me to shame on how accommodating he was to my needs compared to how I have been with couchsurfers I have had previously. After I headed to Austria and spent a few hours in Vienna before catching my flight back to Madrid. My travels were honestly exhausting but well worth it if I’m finally cured of my “foot in mouth” syndrome I’ve suffered from all my life. I do find myself backsliding occasionally but I am still much more able to conduct myself in society then I was before.

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The Post About Carlos

I’ve been trying to write a post that describes my feelings for this guy since the first week of August and every draft is so different depending on what craziness is going through my mind at the time. So I have decided to just write what I’m feeling today and leave it at that.
So how do I feel about Carlos? That’s the question that has been asked constantly (mainly by my mother) since we first moved in together. Carlos and were roommates for about eight months and during this time he was basically my go to person for all of my crazy emotions and mood swings I really don’t know how he survived it! Before I finally started making real friends in Madrid it was just me and Carlos and at first it was great just two friends hanging out, then slowly but surely he begin trying to change our friendship into something more. And me I was having none of that I wasn’t in a place in my life to think of having any serious romantic entanglements (I’m never in that place really lol I have real commitment issues but that’s another story) so I ducked and I dodged his advances, I was actually pretty mean to him, I let him see the worst side of me and yet there he was cooking for me when I was sick and overall just being there for me through all the emotional ups and downs I was going through. I think the real changing point was when he invited me to see his hometown in Asturias. While dealing with my personal struggle of meeting so many people at one time I watched how he interacted with his family and friends and I’m not sure when or why exactly but the way I saw Carlos changed. A week after we returned to Madrid we started dating (well kind of thats the best term I have for it really) and things are going at a pretty steady pace, he actually seems to be putting forth an effort to visit in Madrid now that he has moved back to the north. He tries to touch base pretty regularly which is a small miracle because this is a guy that doesn’t like texting or social media or anything so him making an effort is something. The only problem is that we have two serious differences: he’s atheist and for some reason doesn’t like the idea of reproducing. Me, I’m catholic and want a houseful of little monsters running around. I know these are things for way down the line but if things are going to end up not working out in the end shouldn’t I just end things now and go about my business? These are two very important things that people usually don’t change their minds about, I know my view point isn’t going to change so how can I expect his to?

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The Post about Delia

Delia and I were first introduced via our mutual friend Paula, while Paula went MIA Delia and I grew closer and it was thanks to her that the last few months of my year in Madrid was even bearable. Delia is the type of person that’ll hear you out and not judge you on whatever foolishness you may have gotten yourself into. She is sweet kind and thoughtful and fun to be around. If it wasn’t for the fact she has Chris and their life waiting for her in LA I would’ve tried a million times harder to convince her to stay because it has gotten to the point where I cant even imagine my life here without her. I was really in a shitty and dark place when we met and I was under the impression that any friends made in Spain were just superficial friends that weren’t meant to be lasting but she showed me that there are still real people out there that actual care about others and I am so grateful to have had the chance to build a friendship with her. I know this sounds like a sappy badly written love letter but I have never been really good at expressing my emotions and I have sometimes found myself destroying close connections for fear of them hurting me first. But she never made me feel insignificant nor not good enough nor that I should be ashamed of who am nor how I am. I really hope our friendship continues because she was the helping hand when I really needed it most and I don’t want it to just fade away and be a memory.  Delia introduced me to Lexi and Jonathan and Cesar and I look forward to building closer friendships with them next year but it will not even begin to be the same without her. Lexi and I have already become closer spending her last few days together and getting to know each other better. We both have the half formed idea of going back home and not returning because the fun part of being here is gone, but me and Lexi have each other so that should be enough incentive to come back (hopefully) If time allows while I’m home in September I’m hoping to swing by LA so the girls can reunite, for a little while at least.

This post doesn’t even scrape what I feel for this incredibly awesome women I call friend but it’s the best that I can do to express my feelings so…

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