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As the days pass I have started to question my reasons for being here in Spain. I came for a great adventure but I’m essentially living the same life of partying I always have….at this point I’m really not sure what’s my next step but I need to decide and to begin making plans for my future because basically I’m not dong anything really with my life…but then I ask what is this “something” I’m supposed to be doing….I quit my job to come and find myself and all I’ve found is that no matter where I am I’m still a party animal…so I’m not really sure what that means for my future…

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March 14-16
I spent the weekend in A Coruña one of the main cities of Galicia, an autonomous region on the northeastern coast of Spain.
I had fun relaxing and enjoying the beach. The trip didn’t start off to great however, I was being kind of crabby to my traveling companions through no fault of theirs. I wasn’t feeling good and my wrist, which was messed up from the previous weekend (another story completely that I’ll share some day) was really killing me… This lead to my temper being short and I subconsciously took it out on them…luckily I realized what I was doing and corrected the situation or else the weekend could’ve turned into a complete disaster! The only reason I recognized the problem is because it is a normal tendency I have to displace my anger and or frustration and it is something that I’m consciously working on…that along with being more patient and less controlling. I’m glad that I didn’t ruin the weekend and I still was able to enjoy my time in a city I was really looking forward to visiting!!

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